Celebrating over 200 Years as a Destination Restaurant
Famous for our food  "Saltsman's is famed for both style and substance. It's devotees are fanatic, and think nothing of causing dear friends and favorite relatives to journey scores of miles in order to treat them to a meal at this fabled groaning board." By Mary Clyne Observer Dispatch May 10, 1998. If this sounds like a lot of food, it is! You do have the option of ordering just the side dishes and skipping the entree if you're not up to a big meal when you visit. All entrees include cole slaw, a choice of appetizer, corn fritters drenched in syrup, creamed potatoes, baked onion casserole, vegetable of the day, and fresh baked bread. Saltsman's offers a fine selection of steaks, ham, chicken, pork chops, lamb chops, breaded veal cutlet, and seafood. Prime Rib is served on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday a roast meat special is offered.
Saltsman's Hotel  -  Junction of Route 67 & 10 --  Ephratah, New York   --  518-993-4412
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Temporarily Closed We are taking a pause while continuing to search for trained staff who are able to work weekends through October. We are also looking for that lucky someone with an appreciation for Adirondack History.