Celebrating over 200 Years as a Destination Restaurant
Milkweed: one of the areas favorite treats is Milkweed time at Saltsman's Hotel. Milkweed is an edible North American plant. It can be found in just about any farm field and Saltsman's has been harvesting this crop for many years and serving it up as the vegetable of the day during it's prolific season which is usually runs for several weeks from about the end of May to the second week of June.  Elderberry pie: Another seasonal favorite is elderberry pie. Elderberries can be found in much of New York State and the elderflower has recently been in the spotlight for it's medicinal value. The tiny berries make a wonderful pie with a distinctive flavor. Saltsman's serves up this tasty dessert towards the end of August or the beginning of September.  Shown below are two covers of books written by Doris Masi
Saltsman's Hotel  -  Junction of Route 67 & 10 --  Ephratah, New York   --  518-993-4412
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